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In continuation of last year’s “The Most Popular Shopping Malls” report, WisersAnalytics made use of an artificial intelligence system to review the popularity and performance of different shopping malls in the digital world. The team detected and traced the relevant social media data covering over 310 shopping malls across 18 districts in Hong Kong in the first half of 2021. The team came up with a popularity ranking for shopping malls based on digital buzz, engagement (including comments, shares and likes) as well as sentiment analysis.


There were 6.44 million social media users in Hong Kong in January 2021. In the digital age, it’s the consumers through social media that shape a brand’s reputation. Moreover, consumers’ purchase behaviors keep changing and we will only understand what this means for the business if we listen and adapt our marketing accordingly. If you do not listen closely to what people are saying about your product, your brand and the industry you operate in, how can you possibly be expected to create content that will resonate?


Wisers’ research team conducted an analysis on the online voice and big data in relation to various cosmetics brands in 2020. It aimed to find out which cosmetics brands succeeded in standing out from competition amid the pandemic; what factors contributed to the brand’s e-marketing success; how big data analysis in 2020 could inspire brands in their marketing direction for 2021?


The number of tourists plunged amid the pandemic as countries across the world are tightening tourism policies. Retailers are the first to suffer. In this challenging time, which FMCG retailers have, against all odds, emerged as the Internet talking point and gained popularity online? What are their keys to success?


The lockdown measures amid the pandemic, the tightened social distancing requirements, and the rising e-commerce are posing tremendous challenges to shopping malls. Against the backdrop, which shopping malls are standing out and gaining popularity among netizens? Why can they attract netizens?

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