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About Listen2hk

As the largest big data analysis company in Hong Kong, Wisers Information understands the importance of social media information and communication. As an AI and big data company found in Hong Kong and facing the Greater China region, we are happy to share more and updated social media information and in-depth analysis with the industries and the public.  
Under this background and belief, we established Listen2hk, the first social listening and big data sharing platform focusing on current affairs, business and social culture in Hong Kong in 2021.

This is a social media public opinion analysis platform based on data, objectivity and comprehensive interpretation. We pay attention to daily hot issues and development, in-depth topic exploration, and regularly release various ranking indicators, supplemented by expert sharing, to exchange social media development and big data analysis experience with the outside world.

Wisers’ AI technology and big data computing model were applied in data mining, sentiment analysis, semantic analysis, hot keywords identification, and more. Wisers’ professional editorial team made insightful reading into the information and conducted in-depth analysis. 

Wisers has over 790,000 data sources of information, including social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Twitter and forums, blogs, print media, internet and business information, etc. 
Wisers has the largest Chinese media database in Greater China with nearly 100 billion articles accumulated in the past 20 years. The database is expanding at a rate of 130 million pieces of data per day.

If you have any comments on the topics and content of Listen2hk, or want to know more about our services, please send us an email at!

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