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Wisers’ Online Epidemic Report 3.0

Hong Kong has been ravaged by COVID-19 over the past four months, with death toll passing 100. The Government launched a new round of Anti-Epidemic Fund, a whole-day dine-in ban, social distancing rules, and a voluntary universal virus test programme to cope with the pandemic, which has affected everyone’s daily life. The impacts of these policies were felt across all the seven key aspects of life, covering clothing, dining, accommodation, transportation, work, study and entertainment.

Wisers’ ongoing research on the Epidemic Index seeks to probe the following questions:  Which issues were of the greatest concern to citizens?  What struck them the most?

Further to the research report “Epidemic Index 2.0” published in June, Wisers, leveraging its artificial intelligence system, has sampled over 400,000 posts, 81.57 million engagements, and 5.41 million comments on social media since the middle of May. Through an objective and neutral process, Wisers has continued tracking the pandemic trend and feeling the pulse and sentiment of the public in Hong Kong. 

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