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Wisers’ Special Big Data Report

The Government launched a new round of Anti-Epidemic Fund, a whole-day dine-in ban, social distancing rules, and a voluntary universal virus test programme to cope with the pandemic, which has affected everyone’s daily life. The impacts of these policies were felt across all the seven key aspects of life, covering clothing, dining, accommodation, transportation, work, study and entertainment. Which issues were of the greatest concern to citizens?  What struck them the most?

Wisers  2021.01.04

Since the outbreak, the public have focused on issues ranging from border closure to the influx of students returning from overseas, from sharing the latest news about face mask supply to supporting local mask production, from home quarantine to city-wide social distancing measures. What were the most well received and least well received issue for Hong Kong people? The government successfully proposed three rounds of anti-epidemic relief package with record amount. However, the reception was mixed at best. How should genuine public opinion be interpreted and identified? 

Wisers  2021.01.04

Within the data period from 1st January to 14th February, Wisers' research team combined big data computing models and artificial intelligence text analysis technology to analyze more than 280,000 epidemic-related posts, more than 10.92 million Internet users' comments, and nearly 3.4 billion engagements among netizens. The research team compared the degree of netizens concern reflected by big data with the number of confirmed cases every day. We discovered that the two are not neces-sarily proportional to each other, reflecting there were other factors that cause greater public concern and affect the mainstream mood than confirmed cases.

Wisers  2021.01.04
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