New Big Data Insights

Members of the public experienced an emotional roller-coaster of joy, fury and sadness amid the pandemic. It was heard that the city burst into an outcry of fury from time to time. Just what infuriated netizens the most?  Big data analysis finds out that government officials and their policies are the causes of their fury.

Wisers  2021.01.12

Mask has become an important factor that affects netizens’ sentiment amid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the initial period of the pandemic when it was extremely difficult to buy a mask. Data showed that it was not Valentine’s Day but the mask that pushed up netizens’ “Happiness Index” to a peak on February 14 during the first wave of the pandemic.

Wisers  2021.01.12

A series of contingency measures have been put in place by the HKSAR government over the past year to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, involving different government departments and different levels. As a result, the media exposure of government officials and public officers has increased sharply and they have become the focus of heated discussions among netizens.

Wisers  2021.01.12

As wearing a mask has become a habit of the public amid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the market saw a shopping spree with local mask factories springing up. However, masks made in Hong Kong have mixed quality. Therefore, people talked more about quality rather than quantity about masks.

Wisers  2021.01.12

The COVID-19 outbreak has dealt a heavy blow to the economy, and Hong Kong’s unemployment rate climbed to a 16-year high. What is the biggest concern of workers amidst the pandemic? Are they worried about pay cuts or layoffs?

Wisers  2021.01.12

Wisers used its artificial intelligence system to analyze over 1.9 million comments and over 3.6 million interactions and likes for over 70 drama series that premiered on TVB, ViuTV and Netflix in 2020. We have come up with the charts of the most talked-about local and non-local drama productions in 2020. Some titles on the charts were smash hits, while some were underdogs.

Wisers  2021.01.04